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How rising rents and property values are pushing Australians into share houses, granny flats and house-sitting. As reported by ABC news, click here to read


Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria  ...a home for everyone 


Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria, build simple, stylish and economical granny flats, workshops, studios and cabins. Our modern granny flat designs will enhance both your garden and your lifestyle. Every granny flat in our range is designed and constructed to uphold our commitment to style, function, durability and attention to detail - all at competitive prices.

Australian owned and operated, our Granny Flats are fully engineered and certified to meet all relevant building codes and we provide a complete product and installation warranty. Our experienced staff provide an obligation and hassle free experience throughout all stages of the process including initial design, council approval, installation, and after sales service. At Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria, you get to re-design your lifestyle.

For your convenience , in our granny flat range we offer a one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom. You will find pool house, open plan living and home offices all in our living solutions. For those that just want something else for their backyard, then click on Backyard Lifestyle, here you will find information about our timber decking, garden sheds, workshops, pergolas and Bali huts.

Custom Designs: Never are any two Granny Flats built the same, at Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria we allow you to bring your own unique style by either designing your own Granny Flat, modifying one of our set designs or choose from our standard Granny Flat Designs, to suit your needs or lifestyle.




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